Carol Callicotte


About Carol May 26, 2008

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I grew up with my nose buried in books, sometimes missing school bells because I was lost in an engrossing story. At age seven, I wrote my first book and my mother bound it for me. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and I’m the child of two teachers: a reading specialist and a math teacher, leading to a left and right brain competing for dominance.

Practicality led to a degree in the sciences (microbiology and chemistry, believe it or not) and a doctorate degree in physical therapy. I moved to San Diego, California in 2001 and began to practice as a PT. I squeezed in traveling whenever I could, even quitting my job once to spend a few months in Europe. While unpacking some things that had been buried in boxes for years, I rediscovered a manuscript I’d written as a thirteen-year-old.  The dream to write was reignited. Like any good nerd, I took several classes and read countless books on creating stories and writing well. I’ve spent the last several years of lunch breaks, evenings, weekends, and more recently naptimes (when my kids sleep) writing.

I currently live in Colorado with my husband, Stéphane, and our daughter and son. We spend as much time in France as possible, from whence Stéphane hails and from whence I get much inspiration. When not writing, I enjoys reading (of course), traveling, speaking French, basketball, sailing, hiking, movies, cooking, wine, and spending time with family and friends.