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Still at it… trying… April 25, 2013

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All writers, at one time or another, go through a slump. I’m in one of those with my fiction. It’s partly due to the challenge of finding time to write while caring for two young kids. It’s partly that I feel disheartened. It’s partly that I’ve got other irons in the fire, too. But I am still writing. Sometimes it’s only a page a week. But that counts, too. This too shall pass, I tell myself. I will find my passion for writing again. For now, I read, I blog on my other site, I try. Mostly, I try to not flog myself for not having accomplished more with my writing. This last one is my biggest challenge.


4 Responses to “Still at it… trying…”

  1. adeptula Says:

    I completely understand. I’m procrastinating with my writing right now, partly because I’m not “in love” with my story as I was when I started it. I’m on my first draft, but it’s a crappy one which I know needs a lot of fixing after I’m done with it. I’m almost done with this draft, but I wouldn’t call it an accomplishment. I see it as a formal outline for my story that needs A LOT of tweaking. Glad you stopped by my blog. This allowed me to have the chance to explore yours, and you’ve inspired me to do another blog at some point, specifically for an “author” blog like this. Great idea!

  2. Thanks! I’ve decided that any progress forward in writing is an accomplishment. A first draft is, without a doubt, a milestone. We work so hard then diminish what we’ve done in our own minds. I do it to myself all the time! Let’s stop that!

  3. yeah. Its just a phase and it’ll pass….but you can hasten things up by catching fresh crabs at the beach, putting them under you skirt and then closing your legs. One profound Scientist says this technique is foolproof- that inspiration would begin to spurt like a fountain.

    P.S: I’m the scientist

  4. Um…yeah. Don’t think I’ll try that one!

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