Carol Callicotte


Young Love August 8, 2008

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I’ve started work on a new story that I’m pretty excited about.  My mind and pen have been wandering aimlessly for a while now – I’ve spent months mulling over ideas and then rejecting them because they don’t feel “right.”  This new one is something that was actually inspired by a dream.  It’s not an urban fantasy/paranormal – like CHEATER or a few of the short stories I’ve done lately.  But, we’ve had the most AMAZING week getting to know each other, and, I’ll admit it, I’ve fallen in love.  (See my previous post where there is a link to another writer’s blog on how writing a book is like falling in love.)  It’s a YA story, a romance.  So a warning to my young friends out there (and your parents) – I may need some test readers in the next few months!


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