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Way to go So Cal! September 3, 2008

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According to this month’s issue of California Westways, the magazine put out by AAA, Southern California is the number one book-buying market in the country. I guess that means we are more than just a bunch of dim wit surfer dudes and valley girls. We READ! The magazine doesn’t list its source, but I’ll just take their word for it. Who needs sources to prove that So Cal kicks ass? Boo-yah!


2 Responses to “Way to go So Cal!”

  1. Stephane Says:

    like, ya know, this blog entry is like wow! the BEST! socal is great!!!!!! I TOTALLY read people!!!!! once, I even, like, read a book, some spaz who couldnt date some girl or something. Worst. Story. Ever.

  2. ccallicotte Says:

    Careful, you’re talking about my peeps!

    So you’re the one that read my blog today 🙂 My greatest fan, my one and only, my hairy muse, my biggest supporter, my hubby. Thanks Stef, glad to know my entry…moved you.

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