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Rest in peace, my dear Uncle Jim October 7, 2008

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It’s been rough these past few weeks, and keeping up with my blog has been the furthest thing from my mind. I lost my dear, sweet, kindhearted Uncle Jim to lung cancer last Thursday morning. He was way too young – only 64 – and has suffered too much these last few months. In my mind, I find it hard to believe he really is gone. I keep expecting his lanky, 6’5″ form to come clomping in, wearing his cowboy boots and his ever-present grin. He used to always tell us stories or jokes, and follow them up with a wild wiggle of his eyebrows. A cousin of mine described him quite aptly as a “sunny character in all our lives.” The world just isn’t quite as bright without him in it. I will miss him dearly.

Me with my Uncle Jim, 1975

Me with my Uncle Jim, 1975

Uncle Jim and my Daddy

Uncle Jim and my Daddy


4 Responses to “Rest in peace, my dear Uncle Jim”

  1. Mia Says:

    Carol, I’m so sorry about the loss of your uncle. This was a very nice tribute. Catch my hug.

  2. ccallicotte Says:

    Thanks sweetie! I’m feeling your hug right now 🙂

  3. Rachael Says:

    Sorry to hear about your uncle. My aunt’s husband just died of cancer this month too. Most of my family on my mom’s side was here for the funeral, which was right after Thanksgiving. It was nice to see everyone, but such a sad occasion.

  4. ccallicotte Says:

    Thanks, Rach. Sorry to hear about your aunt’s husband. Cancer is no easy thing.

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