Carol Callicotte


The Mid-Book Blues January 16, 2009

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I started out so in love. We clicked. We understood each other. It felt so right. What happened? I just don’t understand! We aren’t communicating anymore. We’re not excited to see each other. There’s no more losing track of the hours as we spend time together, instead, I’m watching the clock.

It’s the mid-book blues.

I’m banging my head on my desk trying to get back to that place where everything felt so good with my book, but I’m just not rediscovering the magic. This has happened before, so I know this feeling will pass. But still, it’s so frustrating. One of the writing instructors at UCSD Extension used to offer a class called “Unmuddling the Middle” which I thought was a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, it got cancelled the two times I’ve tried to sign up for it due to non-enrollment – I suppose people are either so muddled they quit writing, or they’re finding their own way out. It’s a phenomenon many writers experience, and each writer has their own method of dealing with it. As for me, I decided to put it aside and let it breathe a bit. I’m blogging, working on other stories, and reading Anne Lamont’s Bird by Bird, all in hopes of triggering my imagination and drive. Later, I’ll take a look at what I’ve already written and the notes I made on it, and I’m confident sparks will fly once more.


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