Carol Callicotte


New Ideas March 19, 2009

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There is nothing quite like the joy of a new idea. I love it. The way it wakes me up at night and bangs around inside my head without relent. Characters take shape, conversations occur, images form, all quicker than I can write them down. I recently bought a digital voice recorder on the advice of a writer friend and this helps – especially for those moments when I am unable to physically write (somehow it just doesn’t seem safe to grab a pen and paper while driving to and from work over the Coronado bridge). I’m not short on ideas, but often I’m too quick to shoot my ideas full of holes: not creative enough, it’s been done too many times, how would that ever develop into an actual story…. I’m not always kind to my writer self. So when a Shiny New Idea comes along and won’t let up, and even I can’t find a reason why it’s not worthy, it becomes my own version of heaven.


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